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りょうこさん(Twitter @puahinaleela)の3回目のリバーシング時に選んでいただいたエッセンス。

Alaskan Essences

Monkshood - Aconitum delphinifolium
Indications: difficulty being in close physical contact with others; confused sense of spiritual identity; fearful of contacting the shadow self.
Healing Qualities: provides protection and support for getting in touch with the deepest levels of the inner self; strengthen's our ability to interact with others by fostering a clear recognition of our own divine identity.

Single Delight - Moneses uniflora
Indications: feeling isolated and alone, especially during a dark or depressing time; cloudy inner vision; unable to sense or feel the connection with one's soul family.
Healing Qualities: for those suffering from feelings of isolation; helps us open to and link energetically with other members of our soul family.

Chocolate Lily Fritillary camschatcensis
Healing Qualities: reveals how everything in life is connected to our center; opens awareness of our center's connection to the source of our vitality; helps us open to and hold our life experiences with more spaciousness and less reactivity.

Carnelian - increases the etheric body's ability to access pranic energy; energizes and clears the nadirs, (the energetic interface between the etheric body and the meridians), allowing a greater flow of energy to the meridians.

Tidal Forces - This essence was prepared with creek and sea water on Kachemak Bay during a full 24 hour, 22 foot tidal cycle. An essence of rhythm and balance, of loss and gain, of adapting ourselves to the swiftly changing currents of life. Helps us release the old and receive the new with constant and unyielding fluidity. Soothes and balances overly emotionalized, fiery states of being; washes away mental resistance to change; helps us accept what is in the present moment.