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リバーシング (1)の後に選んでいただいたエッセンス。りょうこさんはフラワーエッセンスのプラクティショナーでもあるので、別料金でお願いしました。



なんと1本目に出たのがShooting Star。これはhidaさんのキネシで2回連続で出て、ここ数ヶ月とり続けてたAngelicの"Opening To/Embracing Earth Incarnation"と類似の定義で(あくまで私の理解)、私のタイプレメディだと確信していたもの。

でもその後にShooting Starと似たような働きらしいDevil's Clubというエッセンスが出て、そっちの反応のほうが良かったのでShooting Starは外すことになったんだけど、アラスカンエッセンスをほとんど知らない私にとって、Devil's Clubが最初に出てもまったくピンとこなかったはず。Shooting Starは私へのメッセージに違いないと思った。

・Blue Topaz
・Northern Lights
・Devil's Club
・Pineapple Weed
・Stinging Nettle



Gem Elixir

Blue Topaz - soothing, calming, and clarifying; helps dissipate mental confusion; strengthens mental clarity, focus and effectiveness; encourages the clear expression of our soul’s identity through the evolution of our thinking processes; opens our awareness to the higher soul/mental functions; helps us clarify how our spiritual identity can be expressed at the physical level.

Environmental Essence

Northern Lights - This essence was made on a windy subzero arctic night under a swirling green display of Northern Lights. An essence of reaching beyond ourselves into the fundamental creation forces of the universe. For cleansing and re-patterning our energies, at a very deep level. Helps us release energies from the heart which have been allowed to obscure our original life patterns.

Flower Essences

Devil's Club Echinopanax horridum - clears ambivalence about being present on the Earth and in our bodies; helps us express our truth firmly and clearly from the heart.

Pineapple Weed - Matricaria matricariodes
Indications: lack of harmony with our physical environment; unaware of the support and nurturing that is available from nature; weak nurturing bond between mother and child.
Healing Qualities: helps us maintain a calm awareness of ourselves and our surroundings so that we can remain free from injury and risk; promotes harmony between mothers and children, and between humans and the earth.

Stinging Nettle Urtica gracilis - helps those who are highly sensitive stay connected to the Earth and to their feelings; promotes reconnection and grounding after being overwhelmed by too much input; enables us to absorb and process energetic information and input in alignment with our capacity to integrate it; for those who have been hurt deeply in the past and have a tendency to sting and repel those they really want to be close to; helps to heal the alienation that comes from the fear of being hurt again.